Workout at Ohio’s Premier Gym


MILO Week 3, Day 5
(+20 from start weight)

TABATA 8 x 20:10
1. Thrusters @95/65
2. AbMat sit-ups (RX+ T2B)
3. Kettlebell swings (American) @53/35
4. Strict WIDE grip pull-ups

*Go through the above sequence 2 times.

3 Rounds for time of:
-5 Snatches @95/65
-10 Goblet squats @53/35
-15 HR push-ups

Afterburner: #AugustOfArms
Zottman Curls To perform Zottman Curls, on the way up, face your palm toward the sky. On the way down, face your palm to the ground. Alternate arms for this one.

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