Winter Hibernation

From the beginning of time, humans have used caves for survival. While the grizzlies were hibernating, mankind was forging a future. While humans no longer make it a practice to dwell in caves, bears still hibernate while the human race continues to aspire towards even greater advances in medicine, in technology and in life. However, the cave is not altogether obsolete or useless to humans: If you look closely you will spy a remote garage where dedicated men and women are training for life. How? These warriors challenge themselves to be hard-minded and tough-spirited and to make their wills unbreakable. There are no fancy slogans on the walls, no lattes being served and there are no mirrors wherein to admire one’s physique. The walls are cold like the grizzly bear’s den. Yet, no one is hibernating here! So, bring on winter! We will grind the axes and stoke the fires and do the difficult things others would not dare to imagine! We will never quit! We will never give up! We will be prepared for the unknown and unknowable that life throws at everyone. ….Will you forge your future by making your body and your mind a strong weapon (able to withstand life’s storms) or will you sleep through the heart of winter? How will you survive?



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