Why Molon Labe

Business of The Year
Veteran Owned

Simply put, we better people’s lives. We focus on functional fitness, helping our clients become stronger, leaner and happier. Most people stumble through workouts, and attempt to lose weight on their own. Success is often fleeting. What’s missing is a community of supporters helping everyone achieve their fitness goals – both big and small. We are not your typical gym or workout facility. We’re a dedicated and experienced team that works together, ensuring everyone is taking steps toward better health – and we have one of the most sought-after CrossFit programmers in the country ensuring both variety and safety in every workout. How do we get results? It’s a mix of camaraderie, commitment and passion that helps our clients’ get healthier, lose weight, gain self-confidence, train for a marathon or run an obstacle course race. The name Molon Labe (pronounced Mo‘lon La’ve) comes from a defiant statement made by King Leonidas of Sparta, Greece in the face of the Persian army. Achieving better health or a fitness goal takes commitment. King Leonidas reminds us never to give up in the face of great discouragement or negativity. We should rise up and boldly make our statement! Challenge the opposition and make a positive change in your life.
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