Wednesday 05/20/2015 CrossFit Workout Ohio

Skill work: 15 min. Monkey bars and rope climbs


THE COMPLEX TEST (see scale at end of page)


-MEN 10 reps @1.5 times BW in 90 seconds

-WOMEN 10 reps @100% BW in 90 seconds

REST as needed

15 Yard Shuttle Run

Three marker cones are placed along a line each five yards apart. The athlete straddles the middle line and puts one hand down in a three-point stance. The athlete can start by going either to the right or left direction.

-At the initiation of the athlete, they turn and run five yards to the one side and grabs a 25-pound weight. They then turn and run 10 yards to the opposite line, dropping one weight on the line and picking up another 25 pound weight – this travel sequence is repeated (30 yards total).  The athlete finally turns and finishes by running back through the start point.

Men Weight: 25lb
Volume: 30yrd
Time: 0:08  

Women Weight: 20lb
Volume: 30yrd
Time: 0:10


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