Wednesday 05/13/2015 CrossFit WOD Ohio

For time:

-1 Mile run

-2 Rope ascent @15’

-3 Man makers @25/15

-800 Meter run

-3 Rope ascents @15’

-4 Man makers @25/15

-400 Meter run

-4 Rope ascents @15

-5 Man makers @25/15


Afterburner: THE COMPLEX TEST 4

Pull-Up The pull-up is performed with a palms facing forward (pronated grip) and from the dead hang position. The athlete will pull himself or herself up unassisted until their chin is over the bar. The athlete will then lower themselves back to the starting position in a controlled manner to complete one repetition (the arms must be fully extend for the repetition to count).No swinging (e.g. Kipping) will be accepted. Men·        Weight: BW·        Volume: 10

·        Time: 01:00  


·        Weight: BW

·        Volume: 5

·        Time: 01:00

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