Wednesday 03/11/2015 CrossFit Workout Macedonia Ohio #nomoreweek

Strength: Press work
EMOM 10 minutes:
-2 Strict press every minute for 10 minutes

*add weight as needed and move to push press and push jerk as load increases.

 3 Rounds for time of:
-5 Double KB Cleans @35/26 
-10 Double KB Swings @35/26 
-15 Double KB thrusters @35/26 
-20 Meter Bear crawl 

 *Each time the KB’s are set down to rest between the 5, 10, 15 movements = 10 Burpees. Rest can be in the racked position standing or squatting.
*Rest 2 minutes between sets 

Afterburner: Partner Floor Wipers 4 x 10 @135/95 

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