Tuesday 07/14/2015 Good Livin’

EMOTM 10 min. Shoulder press @70% 1RM
3 reps per minute

Deck of Good Livin’

With a deck of cards (include 2 jokers), one athlete selects a card. Both athlete’s complete work and have to finish before next card is flipped over. Suit determines the exercise. The Value determines the number of reps. (Everyone does the work) Example: The 6 of Clubs will mean 6 KB swings.

Teams of 2 will complete a full deck of cards for time.

Hearts = AbMat sit-ups (RX+ toes to bar)
Diamonds = Power clean @115/95
Clubs = KB swings @53/35
Spades = Pull-ups (RX+ Muscle-ups)
Joker 1 = 100 Flutter kicks
Joker 2 = 20 x 8 Count Body builders

2-10 = Face Value, Ace = 15

Afterburner: 3 x 10 Back extensions



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