Nika N.


    I have been an advocate for wellness, fitness, and healthy living from a very early age. I have a passion for helping others and educating them and motivating them to be their “best self.” I have a very active and bright 12 year old who keeps this busy mom on her toes. I know how difficult it can be to fit in fitness, but I assure you, it can be done.

    I was discovered Molon Labe while driving by the facility. I stopped in and instantly felt welcomed. Eleni, Mark and the other coaches were very inviting.  After discussing my work out goals I knew I was in the right place! I loved the workouts and am even more thrilled to be part of this amazing team.

    Outside of the gym I love, running, dancing, spending time with my son, volunteering and teaching (I am an Educator).


    • Self Defense Instructor
    • Essentials of self defense
    • Group fitness/Boot camp