Molon Labe CrossFit

“CHECKPOINT CHIPPER” -15 Squat cleans @155/115 -30 T2B -30 Box Jumps @24/20 *6 Minute checkpoint or penalty 1 -15 Ring dips (RX+ muscle-ups) -30 G2OH @45/25 plate -30 Double unders (100 Singles) **10 Minute checkpoint or penalty 2 -15 Thrusters @95/65 -30 Pull-ups -30 Burpees ***19 Minute checkpoint or penalty 3 -300 Foot OH Walking …

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Dynamic Warm-up Strength: Deadlifts After warm-up: 5 sets of 3 reps increasing load to heavy final set RX+ Deficit deadlifts off 45 pound plate WOD For time: -50 Toes to bar -20 Slamball toss over head to wall behind @20/15 -20 Box overs (jump to top of box then over to other side) @24/20 -20 …

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Molon Labe CrossFit

Dynamic Warm-up Strength: Nordic Hamstring Raise/Curl 5 Sets of 7/10 reps “Backwards Jackie” into “On the Ropes Jackie” For time: -30 Pull-ups -50 Thrusters @45/35 -1000 Meter row RX+ Keep going with: “On The Ropes Jackie” -100 Double unders -30 Thrusters @45/35 -10 Rope climbs @15’

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Dynamic Warm-up WOD: “RPM” Tabata 3x 15/30 WOD Set-up Line up along the wall: 1. Rower a. transition 2. KB’s a. transition 3. AirDyne a. transition 4. AbMats (RX+ T2B) a. transition 5. Rower a. transition 6. Sandbag Thrusters a. transition 7. AirDyne a. transition 8. Slamball a. transition 9. Rower a. transition 10. Box …

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CrossFit Ohio

Strength: Snatch work Warm up then: 10 sets of 1 rep with focus on form Between sets banded buddy pulls across box. WOD For time: 100 Kettlebell swings @53/35 (American) Here is the twist: A clock will be set up to run in 60 second rounds. It will continue to run and at the sound …

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Molon Labe CrossFit

Dynamic Warm-up Skill work: Monkey bars, ring crossing, rope climbs, heavy farmers walks, grippers OR Grip circuit for RX+ athletes: (no time, they finish each as long as grip holds out) 3 to 4 Rounds of: -1 Rope ascent @15’ -100’ Farmers walk @70/53 per hand -(alternate ring crossing and monkey bars) -1 Monkey bar …

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