Rocky Balboa’s Workout

EMOM 10 Minutes of
-Even: 10 Deadlift @70% 1RM (RX+ use bands or chains)
-Odd: 10 Rocky Balboa’s

Rest 5 minutes

EMOM 10 minutes of:
-Even: 4 Knee hop to box jumps @30/24
-Odd:  5/7 STRICT handstand push-ups

Afterburner: 10 Minutes Row, Bike, AirDyne


CrossFit Workouts Ohio

Strength/Skill: Continue snatch progression. “RPM” Tabata 3x 15/30 WOD Set-up 1.Rower a.transition 2.KB’s a.transition 3.AirDyne a.transition 4.AbMats (RX+ T2B) a.transition 5.Rower a.transition 6.Sandbag Thrusters a.transition 7.AirDyne a.transition 8.Slamball a.transition 9.Rower a.transition 10.Box Jumps a.transition 11.AirDyne a.transition 12.Dumbbell snatches a.transition *9 minutes per round. With a 2 minute rest between rounds. *Clock will be set up …

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