Tabata Workout

Strength: Front squat
Warm up then 5×3 up to a heavy triple

Tabata Round One
8 x 30:30

-Double Unders

*switch movements every round. So you will have completed 4 rounds of DU’s and 4 rounds of PU’s


Tabata Round Two
8 x 30:30

-Kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull @70/53
-Atomic sit-ups @25/15

Afterburner: August of Arms Day 1
5 x 5 dumbbell curls working to a heavy 5th set.

For the month of August we will focus on Jedd Johnsons Arm program to get strong arms. The arms are KEY to pull-ups, push-ups, press work, grip strength, and much more.

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