“Sometimes the Will to fight is the only Weapon left.”


“Sometimes the Will to fight is the only Weapon left.”

They are just words on the back of a t-shirt right? I guess they could trigger some sort of response or take you back to a memory of something? Something significant?  Something that was difficult or even life altering? One such event in my life was the loss of my sister due to domestic violence. Sadly, her children, her family and her friends were left in a dark abyss. After I lost my sister I felt helpless.  I hoped that someday there would be something I could do to make a difference to help others in desperate situations.

When I was thinking of something to put on the back of our box t-shirts it had to be powerful and it had to speak volumes. These are the words I was given: “Sometimes the will to fight is the only weapon left.” My will has kept me pushing forward through difficult situations. Perhaps you have been in a difficult situation as well.  It may not have been a violent, life or death scenario. However, it was an event or circumstance that impacted you greatly and has altered your perspective or took all your will to get through. For example, it could have been so difficult you wanted to quit right in the middle of it but you didn’t. Or maybe you are in a bad spot right now and the only thing you have left to fight with is you’re will to fight: your will to keep going.

Too many times we start something only to quit when things get difficult. Too many times the easy way out is to come up with some sort of excuse and bail.  Your will has power and it’s your will that keeps you in the fight no matter the situation or the odds. The warfare is real and the weapon of sheer determination and mental strength can prevail. Your will can overpower the mental demons that try to overwhelm you when life’s storms come crashing in all around.  So, when you have nothing else left to fight with, dig in to your will and keep moving. You can finish!



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