Saturday 05/23/2015 Track and Field Day


For time: 1 Mile run

Partner WOD 2

Zig Zag Sprint

50 yd, 4 cone sprint down and back

Max Effort burpee in remaining time

After 1:00, partner repeats

*Score is total number of burpees

**1:00 min Clock

Athlete can complete four cone drill by going either right or left. Must complete pattern as shown on diagram.

Turn at cone and repeat four cone drill on the way back

Once athlete reaches finish mat, complete as many burpees as possible in remaining time.

Partner WOD 3

Med Ball Throw

10 Min AMRAP

50 yd over shoulder med ball throw

20 KB snatch 53/35

50 yd OH walking lunge

20 Med Ball thruster

*Score is total Rounds and Reps

**10 min Clock, split reps However

50 yd Over Shoulder Med Ball Throw 20/14

20 KB Snatch 53/35#

50 yd Overhead Walking Lunge 20/14

20 Med Ball Thruster 20/14


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