Saturday 04/18/2015 Power Athlete WOD

POWER ATHLETE WOD with Dwayne Fishel


Warm up

Crossover Symmetry

1 cycle though the 7 movements, 10 reps per movement


3 rounds – scapula and core activation

Scapula depression, 10 reps

Hang relaxed from pullup bar, keep arms straight, pull shoulders/scapula back

Strict pullup, 5 reps

Contralateral dead bug, 30 sec


3 rounds – CNS prep

3 seated box jumps (24/20)

Pick something you can get onto easily, land in a good athletic position, focus on exploding out of the seat (flat bench works well) – These are controlled and focus on power/explosion, step off and repeat for 3 reps

Bounding zig-zag hop to 5 yd burst sprint

Pick a line and bound forward to left, then to the right across the line – take 5 bounds then into a 5yd burst sprint on the last one



5 rounds 2 min rest**, increase weight – think about where you start!!

Complex: 3 deadlifts into 3 power cleans

Note: These are not touch and go, come to a complete stop/pause at the bottom on all reps, think about your starting weight and try to increase each round and work towards the maximum weight for the complex

**During the 2 min rest execute 3 shin hops to broad jump (scale option – 1 explosive vertical jump to 1 broad jump)



3 rounds

Landmine push press 15 each arm 70/30 (weight on the end of the bar, do not count the bar weight itself)

Lateral plyo skiers, 20 reps



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