Non-CrossFit one-on-one Fitness Focused training customized to your wellness goals.

If group classes aren’t for you or you’re just not ready to jump in, personal training may be the route for you.  We will customize a plan based on your individual needs and goals.  You will meet with one of our highly qualified trainers an agreed upon number of times a week for however many predetermined sessions you and your wellness coach determine is best for you.  The personal training will be designed with you and your goals in mind.  This is a great place to start!


(CrossFit specific training where you learn basic movements in a one-on-one setting).

If you aren’t ready to start CrossFit or you simply want extra support once you are in your regular classes, then we recommend starting out with 10 session of personal training designed to introduce you to CrossFit, the basic movements, answer any questions and keep you safe as you scale and we teach you proper form.


A four session course where the fundamentals of CrossFit are discussed, demonstrated and scaled to meet you where you are in your fitness ability. This course is offered on an as-needed rotating basis and is designed to introduce you the fundamental movements of CrossFit.  It is run in a small group setting and the class takes place on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. The class meets a total of 4 times(once a week for 4 weeks).


(Personal Training or Workshops) and SGX training: We are the premiere location for obstacle course race training. Coach Mark is the first SGX coach to be certified in the state of Ohio. He was instrumental in bringing Spartan Racing to Ohio and he was also in the first class of Spartan SGX Coaches.  Several of our coaches have SGX or Spartan Obstacle Course Specialist training back grounds and requisite certifications. So, whether you want to do a Spartan Sprint, a Tough Mudder, or conquer the Battle Frog, we will prepare you. We will teach you technique, ways to tackle the obstacles, proper nutrition and supplementation and mental preparedness.


Whether you are training for your first 5K or your 50thIronMan, we want to help prepare you by helping you get better, fitter, stronger.  Our programs are designed to help you improve your form, and running technique. We also emphasize how to stay injury free and will give recommendations on suggested proper nutrition and supplementation in order to see you achieve your fitness aspirations.


These classes are designed to challenge and invigorate you. The class is a military style work out (without the cussing and yelling) that will push you to your limits and test not only your physical ability but your mental fortitude as well.


If you want to get away from the same old boring routine, then this is the class for you.  You will be taught how to scale and achieve success as you get better, stronger and faster. Not only will you experience workouts put together with stellar programing, you will also have a great time while challenging yourself to be your best. You will be encouraged by your fellow athletes (people just like you) in a non-threatening, fun environment. You will experience a wonderful sense of comradery and the overwhelming positivity of our great community. Come be part of our MLCF family!


These classes are recommended for the well-seasoned CrossFit athlete or the person who is accustomed to endurance workouts and wants an even more fun and invigorating challenge to prepare you for your next race, competition or obstacle course (or simply because you like to test your limits). These workouts are 2 hours in duration and will leave you coming back every Saturday to experience the challenge and the variety week after week.


Whether you are looking for one-on-one strength and conditioning, an individualized program or overall better health, Coach Mark programs with your overall well-being in mind. You will see and feel (and document) physical improvements in your overall ability to do general tasks or should you choose to compete in special strength challenge events.


We are here to support you in being healthy through making the proper life-style changes to support your goals.  Whether you are interested in Paleo cooking or just general food modifications we have several mechanisms in place to help support you on your wellness journey. Perhaps you are not ready to start exercising or you want to couple exercise with healthy eating habits, we are here to encourage you along the way.


Because everyone should work on being more flexible! Yoga is offered regularly for all members and everyone is encouraged to attend.  It is appropriate for all levels and movements can be modified to maintain your desired comfort level. If you have a yoga mat and blocks please bring your own (if not, we have some we can share). Remember, you are always welcome to invite friends.

Your roadmap to wellness is individualized and unique as you are and will be dependent on our goal setting session and baseline assessment. Both are very important foundational pieces that will start you on your journey to a fitter you.


A four session course designed to get you off your couch and moving.  Exercise homework is assigned and you are prepared to transition into CrossFit or CrossFit 101 or personal training. This is for those of you who may not be ready to try a full-blown CrossFit class but would like to get yourself acclimated to the gym and just learn more about what CrossFit is all about


Our community is a fun – and never boring – place to get and stay in shape! Our mix of camaraderie, commitment and passion helps our clients’ get healthier, lose weight, gain self-confidence, train for a marathon or run an obstacle course race.

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