Premiere Gym in Northeast Ohio

Strength = MILO D6/W3 20 Rep Squats. Add 5 pounds to Monday’s weight
(+25 from start weight)
-3 x 20 seconds Rader Chest Pulls.

4 Rounds of: SIX Way Barbell Complex: (no time component)
-6 Deadlift
-6 Bent-over Row (back parallel to floor)
-6 Hang Clean
-6 Front Squat
-6 Push Press
-6 Back Squat
-6 Push-up

*Do these all in a row without letting go of the bar. Rest 2 minutes between rounds.
Increase weight on bar with each series, i.e. 75#-85#-95#-105#

Triceps Crucifix.
Lie on your back on the floor, in somewhat of a crucifix position. Drive the heels of your balled up fists into the floor and try to pick your body up off the ground. Hold for long as possible.

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