Premiere Gym in Macedonia, Ohio

Strength/Skill: Handstand push-ups
EMOM 10 Minutes
-Even: 5 HSPU
-ODD: 20 Sec. Handstand balance/hold against wall

For time: Teams of 2
-3200 Meter row
-Rest amount of time it took to complete 3200m
-1600 Meter row
-Rest amount of time it took to complete 1600m
-1000 Meter row

Rotate as needed for this WOD
*RX+ Nose breathing only.
**Teams will have 3 separate row times. And one overall “Clock” time.

AirDyne Option:
-Max calories in 8 minutes
-Rest 8 minutes
-Max calories in 6 minutes
-Rest 6 minutes
-Max calories in 4 minutes

Super Slow Push-downs (use bands) staying as strict as possible with your form, perform 10 reps of Push-downs, using a 3second concentric phase, a 2-count hold at lockout, a 3-second eccentric phase and a 2count hold at the top. It’s all about maintaining tension and reducing momentum with this one.

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