Personal Training

Personal Training

Non-CrossFit one-on-one Fitness Focused training customized to your wellness goals.

If group classes aren’t for you or you’re just not ready to jump in, personal training may be the route for you.  We will customize a plan based on your individual needs and goals.  You will meet with one of our highly qualified trainers an agreed upon number of times a week for however many predetermined sessions you and your wellness coach determine is best for you.  The personal training will be designed with you and your goals in mind.  This is a great place to start;

CrossFit specific training where you learn basic movements in a one-on-one setting;

If you aren’t ready to start CrossFit or you simply want extra support once you are in your regular classes, then we recommend starting out with 10 session of personal training designed to introduce you to CrossFit, the basic movements, answer any questions and keep you safe as you scale and we teach you proper form.

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