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Meal planning made simple! Workshops every month.


Join us for our meal planning workshops. Are you into Paleo eating all the way? Not into Paleo? It’s o.k., we give you healthy options. There is something for everyone (Options include: Paleo, Family Favorites, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Allergen Friendly and much more). Just leave the planning to us. We will give you the grocery list. Simply show up at our workshop with all the ingredients and Ziploc bags. You will leave with 10 healthy and tasty meals (4-6 servings per meal). Average cost is $3-$4 per serving. Coach Eleni is a busy mom who wants her family and yours to eat healthy on a family friendly budget. If you are a busy parent and you need budget-friendly, time-efficient dinner ideas, join us for a meal planning workshop.

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