Movement Mechanics


Molon Labe CrossFit is pleased to share that we have formed a relationship with Matthew Stevens founder of Pure-Physio. Matthew C. Stevens PT, DPT graduated from Walsh University in 2010 with a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. He attended Baldwin-Wallace College for his undergraduate studies in Pre-Physical Therapy and Exercise Science, where he also played collegiate football for four years. His clinical expertise include outpatient orthopedics, post-operative rehabilitation and sports injuries. Matt was certified to perform dry needling by the American Dry Needling Institute in 2012. His post-graduate studies has been focused on manual therapy of the spine and extremities including Maitland and McKenzie techniques and diagnosis of shoulder pathology in throwing athletes. He has broadened his scope of practice by becoming certified in Thai Massage in 2014.

Matt will be offering Complimentary Educational Clinics in our facility. Here you will learn more about movement mechanics, how your musculoskeletal and nervous system affect one another and ways to help yourself stay at your optimal physical level of fitness. Rehabilitation, injury prevention and recovery strategies will be discussed and you will learn ways to improve. This is not a therapy session. It is an educational experience where you will learn much about your individual body mechanics. Should you require any therapies or treatments they are done off-site. Check our event schedule for dates and times. Please sign up in advance. Class size is limited.

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