Monday Workout Macedonia

Dynamic Warm-up

Strength/Speed: Shoulder Press from rack.
Warm up then complete 10 Sets of 2 reps (1st 5 sets are working up in weight to 50% 1RM Press)
Last 5 sets of 2 are at that 50% load.
-1 Strict press
-1 Push/Split jerk

BETWEEN sets: Shoulder mobility drill against wall.

AMRAP 10 Minutes of:
-15 Toes to bar
-10 Deadlifts @95/65 (RX+ 105/75)
-5 Ground to overhead @95/65 (RX+ 105/75)

As soon as clock ends Start a “For time” clock

-Front rack lunges @95/65 (RX+ @105/75) step out and back
-Lateral ski hops over the bar (side to side)

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