Monday 05/04/2015 H3L3N Workout


Warm up 10 min to heavy 3 rep Back squat

Then: EMOM 7 min of

-3 back squat @above weight




3 Rounds for time of:

-400 Meter run

-21 Kettlebell swings @53/35

-12 Pull-ups

*3 Minute rest between rounds


Afterburner: THE COMPLEX TEST 1: 

Clean & Press

This is a barbell movement is performed from the floor (the weight will rest on the lifting surface).   The athlete will move the weight from the floor to the rack position (weight held equally in each hand and touching the top of the athlete’s chest – please review technique for the clean).   The athlete then will fully extend each arm overhead to a lockout standard and return to the bar to the rack position in order to complete one repetition.

While a slight bend in the knees is recommended for the beginning of the press, a repetition will not count if the coach determines that a leg extension (upward thrust from the legs/hips) is primarily responsible for moving the weight overhead.

The movement does NOT require a clean for each repetition.  One the barbell has been moved to the rack position, the athlete may complete all reps as desired.


Weight: 50% BW

Volume: 25

Time: 1 Minute


Weight: 40% BW

Volume: 21

Time: 1 Minute


*see offset age weight/time/distance chart


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