Monday 03/30/2015 CrossFit Workout Macedonia Ohio

-2×5 Wall Facing Squat
-2×10 Air Squat
-2×5 Goblet Squat
-3×5 Shoulder Dislocate
-2x20m Walking Lunge
-3x20m Lunge/Single Leg Deadlift (SLDL) Combo NO WEIGHT—(RX+ use dumbbells)

2 Rounds of: 30:30 (work/rest) -Push press @15/10 dumbbells
*REST 2 Minutes then:
2 Rounds of: 30:30 (work/rest) -Push press @15/10 dumbbells

*REST will be done holding the dumbbells in the Overhead position.

-10 Minute running clock to work up to heavy Overhead Squat

EMOM 5 minutes of:
-2 OHS @ 80-85% 1RM

For time: 30-20-10 of:
-Overhead squat @35%BW
-Ring dips/box dips/parallette dips

COOL DOWN: Partner up with someone and complete a 3k row. Switch every 500 meters.

If you’re not on the rower you should be stretching out.



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