Monday 01/19/2015

Strength: MILO W8D15 +65

For time:
-30 Squat cleans @95/65
-30 Pull-ups (RX+ Chest to bar)
-30 Double unders
-30 AbMat sit-ups holding Slamball @20/15
-30 Box jumps @30/24
-Mandatory 60 second rest on first pass of the chipper

-RX+ once complete with entire chipper rest until recovered then go for time in the following rep scheme:

*Begin with 30 squat cleans and do as many as you can unbroken. Once hands come off bar athlete moves to pull-ups. Once athlete breaks from the pull-ups move on to the double unders and continue down the chipper in this order, unbroken if possible. (3 count pause on the AbMat/Box jumps = broken reps and move on) After the box jumps unless athlete went unbroken on the entire WOD they must rest 60 seconds before going back to the top of the first movement athlete missed. Athlete will go back to the top of the chipper (last missed movement) and finish all remaining reps, unbroken or not.

Afterburner: For time 30 Calorie row finisher.

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