Molon Labe CrossFit

Dynamic warm-up

Strength: Shoulder press – Push Press – Push Jerk
15 Minutes to work up through all 3 movements to heavy single:
Shoulder Press
Push Press
Push Jerk

Coaches notes: Final Shoulder press should be 1st Push press in that series. Then final push press weight should be 1st rep in the push jerk series.

2 Rounds for time of:
-1 Rope ascent @15’
-10 x 8 Count body builders
-400 Meter run
-1 Rope ascent @15’
-10 x 4 Count flutter kicks
-400 Meter run
-1 Rope ascent @15’
-10 x Over the shoulder/head Slamball tosses at wall @30/20
-400 Meter run

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