Molon Labe CrossFit

8:30 a.m. Class will perform TEAM WOD Zero 1 and TEAM WOD 1 ONLY

7:30 a.m. Class can do the Endurance WOD (all WOD’s below) or just Team WOD Zero 1/Team WOD 1


“The Road to Marathon”

For time:
-1 mile Team run with @20/14

Athletes in teams of 2 will run 1 mile (Fun N’ Stuff entrance) carting a medicine ball. They will pass it back and forth as needed.

“300 Building Of the Empire”

5 rounds for time of:
•10 Pull-ups (each team member)
•10 Deadlift with 300/200 (together)
•10 Pushups (feet up on deadlift plates or bar – together)
•10 Box Jumps @24/20 (alternate jumps)
•10 Kettlebell swings @53/35 (together)
•10 Atomic sit-ups @25/15 (together)

Teams of 2 will perform all movements as outlined above. The faster the teams complete WOD 1 the longer rest period you will have prior to WOD 2.

“Thermopylae and the fall of Leonidas”

AMRAP 5 Minutes of:
-10 Slamball @30/20
-10 Burpees

Teams of 2 will alternate work rest with this WOD. Slamballs will be completed in partner style: 1 member slams other picks up and slams and rotate until 10 reps are complete. Same with burpees: 1 for 1 until 10 are complete then start another round.

“Enter Themistocles”

Joining forces Teams of 4

4 Rounds for time of:
-15 Ground to overhead monster tire lifts
-4 Rope ascents @15’
-150 Meter row (each team member will row 150)

In this team WOD you will have to work together to lift a tire from ground to overhead. Then each team member will complete 1 rope ascent either to 15’ or ground to standing modified. After the first team member climbs the rope he or she can begin their 150 meter row. Only after the last team member finishes the row will the tire lifts begin again.

WOD 4 Teams are dismembered and this is Individual

“Artemisia and the battle of Salamis”

For time:
4 Rounds of:
-6 Wall ball shots @20/14
-6 Toes 2 bar
8 Rounds of:
-6 Alternating kettlebell snatches @53/35
-20 Double unders (40 singles)
30 Cleans (full squat) @115/95

Based on score points 95 for 1st 90 for 2nd and so on. These points will go with the team.

WOD 5 (Team WOD – Armies reassemble)

“This is Sparta”

Tabata 8 x 20:20

1.Bottom 2 bottom squats (partner sits in full squat until their turn)
2.Hand release push-ups (partner holds LR)
3.Sit-ups (partner holds the 6” position)
4.Burpees (partner holds crab walk stance)

Total of 5:20 of work/active rest.



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