Molon Labe CrossFit

Dynamic Warm-up


In one class session complete the following 10 skills/tests. Coaches will set up continual running clock at 60 Second intervals. (Any order)
1. Max rep pull-ups not timed (Strict)
a. Scale (max rep ring row)
2. Max rep sit-ups in 60 seconds (military style elbows touch knees, hands clasped behind head)
a. Scale AbMat sit-ups
3. Max rep push-ups in 60 seconds (Full ROM)
a. Scale on knees
4. Max rep Kip-ups in 60 seconds
a. Scale knee-ups
5. Max rep dips on stationary bar (not timed)
a. Scale on bar with band (annotate what band was used)
6. For time 5 Rounds of:
a. 1 Burpee
b. 1 Rope ascent @15’
7. Standing broad jump for distance
8. Weighted Lunges in 60 seconds @60/40
a. Scale no weight
9. Max Calories on Assault Bike in 60 Seconds
10. Max time hang from pull-up bar (static hang grip test)

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