MOlon Labe CrossFit

Strength Endurance
4 Rounds for time of:
“Quadzilla Complex”
-8 In-Place Lunges with Dumbbells/Kettlebells
-8 Jumping Lunges with Dumbbells/Kettlebells
-8 Jumping Lunges unloaded
-8 Prison Squat Jumps


(20 min time cap Male/Female teams of 2. Coaches can jump in if odd teams or tackle it as single….but it’s intended as a partner WOD)
Men (M) Women (W)
M-50 wall-balls @20/14
W-50 KBS @35
M-40 C2B pull-ups
W-40 burpees
M-30 Power clean @135
W-30 Thrusters @35
M-30 Thrusters @45
W-30 power cleans @85
M-40 Burpees
W-40 pull-ups
M-50 KBS @53
W-50 [email protected] to 9’
Team may not progress to the next movement until both partners are finished with their reps. (i.e. Man cannot move to C2B pull-ups if woman is still doing KBS.) Time is called when both partners have completed their entire ladder.
Post WOD if you have time. Partner 3K row for time. Set the rower for 3k and row so we have exact times. Rowers will be in the loft ready to roll.

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