Molon Labe CrossFit


Strength: Tempo Front squats @3323
7 Sets of 2 reps (work up to 70% 1RM for the final 3 sets)

The First Number – The first number refers to the lowering (eccentric) phase of the lift.
The Second Number – The second number refers to the amount of time spent in the bottom position of the lift
The Third Number – The third number refers to ascending (concentric) phase of the lift – the amount of time it takes you to get to the top of the lift
The Fourth Number – The fourth number refers to how long you should pause at the top of the lift.

5 Rounds for time:
-2 Man makers*
-4 Bag of body parts @60/40
-6 Lateral prison squat jumps over the sandbag
-8 Sandbag get-ups @60/40
-10 Pull-ups

*Add load as needed. New athletes will be at bodyweight.

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