Molon Labe CrossFit


(Teams of 2 OR go RX+ HAN SOLO)

With a deck of cards (include 2 jokers), one athlete selects a card. Both athlete’s complete work and have to finish before next card is flipped over. Suit determines the exercise. The Value determines the number of reps. (Everyone does all the work) Example: The 6 of Clubs will mean both athletes complete 6 KB swings.

-Hearts = AbMat sit-ups (RX+ toes to bar)
-Diamonds = Power clean @115/95
-Clubs = KB swings @53/35
-Spades = Pull-ups (RX+ Muscle-ups)
-Joker 1 = 100 Flutter kicks
-Joker 2 = 20 x 8 Count Body builders

2-10 = Face Value, Ace = 15


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