Molon Labe CrossFit

Teams of 3
3 Rounds for time of:
-Round 1 – 3K Row (switch every 250)
-Round 2 – 300 Double unders (athletes can all work together)
-Round 3 – 6 x 400 Meter run (1 athlete at a time must pass PVC baton for the 1.5 miles)
Then after each round complete the following structure:
-60 Dumbbell Snatches @50/35
-60 Thrusters @95/65
-60 Chest to bar pull-ups
-60 Squat cleans @135/95

*On the “60’s” teams can all work together and get it done as fast as possible. Must complete each movement in order before continuing and athletes must add weight and remove weight for the Thrusters and squat cleans during the WOD.

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