MILO Strength Cycle Begins

Strength: MILO Strength Cycle: Week 1 Day 1

Establish 20 Rep Back squat Baseline

For time:
-50 Kettlebell swings @70/53 (Russian to American – Alternate back and forth)
-40 Pull-ups
-30 Russian twists @70/53
-20 Bodyweight Man-makers
-*10 Kettlebell figure eights (

*one burpee after each figure 8 for total of 10 burpees.

Afterburner: Dumbbell Pull-overs.
With the shoulders on a bench, lift a dumbbell up over your head and then lower it downward behind you. If you have the safe flexibility to touch it to the floor, go for it. Looking for 3 sets of 8.

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