Macedonia Gym

Strength = MILO D2/W1 20 Rep Squats. Add 5 pounds to Monday’s weight
-3 x 20 seconds Rader Chest Pulls.

2 Rounds for time of:
-2 Rope ascents @15’
-20 Cleans @135/95
-1 Legless rope ascents @15’
-10 G2OH @135/95
-2 Rope ascents
-20 Overhead walking lunges @45/25*
-1 Legless rope ascent @15’
-100 Double unders (225 singles)

*pull plate off barbell for this movement

Heavy Band Isometrics
Hook up the band low. Grip it and pull it, like you’re arm wrestling. The first position is about 4 inches from straight. Hold for a 10-ct. Next is just shy of 90-degree (hold for a 10-ct). Last is just beyond 90-degree (hold for a 10-ct). Repeat 3 times with each arm. You can rest your arm on a bench if you don’t have an arm wrestling table.

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