I decided to join CrossFit because I wanted to obtain an elite level of fitness. After speaking with other CrossFitters and seeing how physically fit they were, I knew that was something that I wanted for myself. Also, Coach Mark has been one of my best friends for several years.  I have always known him to be an honest, straight-forward man. I could hear the passion in his voice when he talked about CrossFit, and how he could never go back to any other workout programming. Most people I know who are into fitness usually dread their routines, whether it’s going to the gym, running on a treadmill, workout videos, etc. People look to these as almost a “chore”. With Coach Mark, it was different.  He seemed to LOVE working out, and actually looked forward to his work out! That alone peaked my interest enough to give CrossFit a shot. I’m overjoyed that I decided to try it out. I’ll never look back.

I wanted to get myself in excellent physical shape. I hadn’t worked out in over 5 years, and had packed on some extra pounds.  I really believed that CrossFit would be something that would continue to push me past my own physical limits. More than that, I wanted to be a good example to my children. My son was 10 years old, and my daughter was 3. I was very inactive, spending most of my “me” time either surfing the web or watching television.  That’s not the example that I wanted to set. I know that physical activity is imperative for anyone, no matter their age.  I believe that children live by the model that their parents set. I knew that as the leader of my household it started with me, and I was sorely lacking in this area.  I knew that I had to make myself a better person, so that my kids will hopefully follow in these footsteps. I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, so that I can be around a long time for my family.

From a community aspect, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to train with. The group at MLCF (Molon Labe CrossFit) is extremely welcoming, and very encouraging.  All new members are greeted with open arms. As we all share in these workouts, it is great to see us all working together, cheering each other on, celebrating in each other’s successes.  We leave our egos at the door. Our goal is to collectively get better as a unit. Personally, I find that it helps keep me accountable.   If the person working out next to me is pushing themselves harder than I am, it normally forces me to match their intensity.  Furthermore, I have been a CF-L1 Coach for some time now and I really enjoy teaching the classes, encouraging the athletes and watching the transformations happen right before my eyes. There are so many positive aspects to joining Molon Labe CrossFit and to working out with our encouraging community of athletes.


  • CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • Olympic Weightlifting Coach
  • Nordonia Hills Pump N’ Run Assistant Coordinator
  • Multiple Tough Mudder Finisher
  • Spartan Trifecta Completed 2014
  • GORUCK LIGHT Class 503
  • Obstacle Course Race Trainer
  • Spartan Obstacle Specialist Certification
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