Hero WOD Wednesday


For time:
Start: 99 Push Press with sandbag/dumbbell/ruck plate/ammo can @30
4 Rounds of:
– 26 Push-Ups
– 26 Sit-Ups
– 26 Mountain Climbers
– 26 Bicycles
Finish: 3 mile run

*Athletes will complete as much as possible in one class period. If they can stay longer to finish it is up to them.

Luke Milam – Luke was killed in Helmand province, Afghanistan at the age of 26 while conducting combat operations with the 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion. He was on his 4th combat tour. Luke went to Columbine High School and joined the Navy the same year two shooters attacked his school, in ‘99. Luke is survived by his parents, a sister and two brothers. According to his brother, Keith, one of his favorite pastimes was riding his mountain bike. Standards tested for corpsman PFT include push-ups and sit-ups. Part of the USMC CFT includes lifting a 30-pound ammunition can overhead from shoulder height.


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