GORUCK TOUGH Mogadishu Mile

It’s great to see success in others. It’s what fuels the fires here at Molon Labe CrossFit. Thank you Tom for taking the time to write this about our training program and getting you ready for your 1st GORUCK Challenge 12 hour endurance event. –Coach Mark

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” -Winston Churchill

After 4 years of CrossFit I decided to sign up for the GORUCK Mogadishu Mile, undecided if I would to try a Light or Tough Challenge. Faced with the daunting task of training I had the good fortune of being introduced to Mark Nolan and his Team Hooyah Ruck Workout program at Molon Labe CrossFit. After the first workout I knew I could not find a better trainer to get me ready than Mark.
As all great instructors do he knew how far to push the team just a bit further than our comfort zone always finding time for individual help. Having participated in GORUCK events himself his knowledge and experience was invaluable getting me prepared. Not even the slightest detail as packing the ruck was overlooked. By the end I felt I was 110% prepared physically and mentally. I chose to do the Tough Challenge and not once did I ever think of quitting. Mark deserves all the credit for instilling in me that mind set.

-Tom Lutz – GORUCK TOUGH Class #1695

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