Getting Started


Sign up for a “Complimentary Consult.” Simply sign up via the link below and you will receive a confirmation email. In the email you will find a goals survey. In addition, one of our friendly staff will contact you within 24-48 hours to welcome you after you have made your appointment. We will set up an appointment with you where we will discuss your goals and answer your questions. We care about your goals. We want to see you succeed. We will look forward to meeting you at your consult appointment.


Arrive at your consult appointment ready to discuss the results of your “Wellness Goals Survey.” We take your goals very seriously. Your 30 minute session will include discussion of and clarification of your short, medium range and long term goals and we will help you put together a roadmap and a time frame in order to achieve your desired results. We individualize every single wellness plan that is discussed and you and the Molon Labe CrossFit Wellness Coordinator will put together a program that is just right for you. So, whether you want to tone up, trim up, get stronger, get faster, get healthy, or just join a fun and encouraging fitness facility full of like-minded individuals, we will support you every step of the way.


Your consult and goal setting session is followed by your “Baseline Assessment.” Should you decide to move forward with joining Molon Labe CrossFit and pursuing your wellness goals, we will put you through a non-strenuous, safe assessment to evaluate your CURRENT fitness level and your readiness.  At this point, we will make recommendations based on your results, your goals and what is best for you in order to achieve your desired results.


This step will look different for everyone.  Depending on what you determined to be your main objectives, we will put together a customized program just for you. Safety first and great results coupled with great programming and coaching are our primary focuses. For example, you may follow any of the following roadmaps to through your fitness journey:

Personal Training (Non-CrossFit one-on-one General Fitness Focused training customized to your wellness goals)

Personal Training (CrossFit specific training where you learn basic movements in a one-on-one setting)

CrossFit 101 (A four session course where the fundamentals of CrossFit are discussed, demonstrated and scaled to meet you where you are in your fitness ability.)

Couch to CrossFit (A four session course designed to get you off your couch and moving.  Exercise homework is assigned and you are prepared to transition into CrossFit or CrossFit 101 or personal training.)


Obstacle Course Training (Personal Training or Workshops) and SGX training

Marathon Training Programs/Running Clinics

Ruck Classes/Land Sea workouts

Regular CrossFit

Endurance Classes

Strength and Conditioning Programming

24 Day Challenge Weight-loss/weight management/nutritional support

YOGA-Because everyone should work on being more flexible!

Your roadmap to wellness is individualized and unique as you are and will be dependent on our goal setting session and baseline assessment. Both are very important foundational pieces that will start you on your journey to a fitter you.

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