Getting Started

Personal Training (CrossFit specific training where you learn basic movements in a one-on-one setting)

CrossFit 101 (A four session course where the fundamentals of CrossFit are discussed, demonstrated and scaled to meet you where you are in your fitness ability.)

Couch to CrossFit (A four session course designed to get you off your couch and moving.  Exercise homework is assigned and you are prepared to transition into CrossFit or CrossFit 101 or personal training.)


Obstacle Course Training (Personal Training or Workshops) and SGX training

Marathon Training Programs/Running Clinics

Ruck Classes/Land Sea workouts

Regular CrossFit

Endurance Classes

Strength and Conditioning Programming

24 Day Challenge Weight-loss/weight management/nutritional support

YOGA-Because everyone should work on being more flexible!

Your roadmap to wellness is individualized and unique as you are and will be dependent on our goal setting session and baseline assessment. Both are very important foundational pieces that will start you on your journey to a fitter you.

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