CrossFit Open

7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
Endurance WOD as individual option (must be started at 7:30am only)

Team WOD

Finish as much as possible in 25 min

-10 Rope ascent @15’
-20 Deadlifts @275/205
-30 Handstand push ups
-40 Slamball @30/20
-50 Standing to full squat to vertical jump (touch pull-up bar)
-60 Pull-ups
-70 Wall-ball shots @20/14
-80 Dumbbell snatches @50/35
-90 Push-ups
-100 Thrusters @75/55

*Teams cannot move to the next exercise until the current one is complete. Teams can break up work any way they choose. If team finishes all 550 reps, they will begin a second round.

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