CrossFit Ohio Workouts

Strength: Strict press (go to push-press as load increases)
5 x 5 increase load

For time:
-400 Meter run (RX+ 800)
-20 American kettlebell swings @53/35
-20 Pull-ups
-20 HR Push-ups
-20 Sumo high-pulls with kettlebell @53/35
-400 Meter run (RX+ 800)
Ab Wheel Triceps Isometric Holds. Get into a normal Ab Wheel starting position, on your knees. As you rollout, don’t keep your arms in the normal straight-ish position. Instead, keep them bent, so there is a lot of tension on the triceps. Hold this for 30 seconds. Keep breathing and keep a strong core, not letting your back sag.

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