7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
Endurance WOD as individual option (must be started at 7:30am only)

For Time:
-1 mile Run
-50 Body Blasters
-50 Curtis P’s @75/55
-1 mile Run

*One Body Blaster consists of one Burpee, one Pull-Up then one Knees-to-Elbows.
*One Curtis P consists of one power clean, one lunge (each leg), and one push press.

Regular Team WOD (Teams of 2 score together)

“Cleans and Machines”

COACHES NOTE: Set up 3 lanes for this race style WOD. Rest in-between heats as long as needed to change out loads. Use the load charts below ONLY. Athletes will choose either RX loads, Option 1 loads or Option 2 loads. Athletes do cleans up to the load they can get. Again, don’t make load exceptions. Athletes will complete 3 rounds minimum resting as needed between sets. No limit on attempts…based on time remaining for class.

Station 1 (90 Second time cap)
(RX weights)
-4 Cleans @155/95
-3 Cleans @185/110
-2 Cleans @215/125
-1 Clean @245/145

(Scale weights option 1)
-4 Cleans @115/75
-3 Cleans @135/85
-2 Cleans @155/95
-1 Clean @185/115

(Scale weights option 2)
-4 Cleans @95/55
-3 Cleans @115/75
-2 Cleans @135/85
-1 Clean @155/95

*5 second time penalty for every rep not completed
(Example…athlete completes 1 @215 clean time = 1:40)


Station 2 AirDyne for Calories
-90 Seconds max calorie grind

Athlete score = Best time for clean ladder and max calories on AD.

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