Strength: Athletes will have 8 minutes to establish a barbell complex total.
(Complex for today will be 1 clean + 3 front squats)

AMRAP 3 minutes of:
-1 Clean @135/95
-1 Bar facing burpee
-2 Cleans @135/95
-2 Bar facing burpees
-3 Cleans @135/95
-3 Bar facing burpees…

*keep adding one rep for each movement until time expires. Cleans are power or squat.

“Burning Down the House”

3 Rounds for time of: (blackout clock)

-150 Meter row
-25 Double unders
-10 HR Push-ups

Rest 2 Minutes:
Then: Max sit-ups in 60 seconds. Military style – feet held by partner and elbows to knees

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