I was the first female to join back in 2012, which was intimidating but, I am still here years later due to the love, support, and encouragement I receive. I am stronger then I have ever been before. I am much more self-motivated and I love to encourage other athletes at our box to reach their goals. Personally, I am stronger, fitter and more toned than ever. I have seen many others become fitter and healthier and more energized as well.

I would encourage anyone of any age to try CrossFit. It is life changing. It will make you feel so good. I know it looks scary at first but honesty, each exercise is scaled to your abilities and for what your body can handle. Ladies, you won’t bulk up and look like a man. I don’t look like a man do I?

What I love most about MLCF is the second family I have gained. I have made so many friends and we have extended our friendship outside the box as well. I have learned everyone is different and you truly need to talk and engage with people to learn who they are as individuals and we truly are an eclectic and diverse bunch. Mark and Eleni have facilitated and nurtured a family of athletes here that are from all walks of life and from many backgrounds. The unconditional acceptance, lack of judgmental attitudes and the positivity here cannot be matched elsewhere.


  • CrossFit L-1
  • Spartan SGX
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