Best Gym on the Planet. Macedonia CrossFit Training

Strength = MILO D4/W2 20 Rep Squats. Add 5 pounds to Monday’s weight
(+15 from start weight)

-3 x 20 seconds Rader Chest Pulls.

AMRAP 5 Minutes max rep barbell complex:
-Deadlift to hang clean to front squat to DOUBLE push press @95/65

(There will be 2 weight adjustments allowed during this WOD. Coaches will pause clock at 90 seconds into the WOD for the athletes to make weight adjustment 1. Again at the 3:00 minute mark the clock will be paused again for weight adjustment 2. The goal = max load for a minimum of 3 unbroken reps. Clock pause time will be for 90 seconds)

Rest 4 Minutes then:

AMRAP 3 Minutes:
-3 Bar muscle-ups
-3 Knee jumps to squat (scale 5 box step-up or jumps)


Afterburner: #AugustOfArms

Chain Hammer Curls:

Attach chains to some sort of vertical handle (tube, rope, towel) that keeps the hand in the “hammer-position.” Performing Hammer Curls with chains will make the biceps work harder as you curl higher.

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