August Of Arms

Skill work: Rope climbs
15 minutes

2015 CF Games Masters Event 3
3 Rounds for time of:
-10 Ground to overhead @95/65 (RX+ 115/85)
-200 meter shuttle sprint (50 meters down and back twice/outside box)

Afterburner: The “Poundstone Curl Test”
This will be timed:
With an empty barbell (@45/35 scale @25/15) take your curl grip and begin curling until you hit 100 reps. Your primary goal is to complete 100 reps without stopping, resting or quitting. If you must rest, the goal is to get all 100 reps without setting the bar down. For each rep, the barbell or hands must touch the body below the waist and the barbell should go up near the face.



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