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ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ CROSSFIT is an affiliate that was founded on the principles that we consider very important: First, much thought was put into the name for the affiliate (pronounced Mo‘lon La’ve). The name means “Come and take them” because it was a defiant statement made by King Leonidas of Sparta Greece in the face of the Persian army’s demand for a surrender of weapons prior to the Battle of Thermopylae. King Leonidas showed courage and strength and he did not give up in the face of his enemy albeit the enemy was powerful and Leonidas was outnumbered. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ reminds me that we are never to give up in the face of great discouragement or negativity but we should rise up and boldly make our statement! My wife and her family are also Greek and I have come to know and love Greek culture and traditions. We believe in celebrating culture and respecting differences. . As Christians, we choose to live out our faith as inspirational examples rather than to proselytize. We believe that although we all have differences in beliefs, there is room for common ground and everyone deserves respect. We can find that common ground as we encourage, celebrate, and support each other. Together we will see to it that you meet or exceed your personal fitness goals.


At Molon Labe CrossFit we want to take the ordinary and transform it into the extraordinary. We want each individual to make their defiant statement,-a bold declaration in the face of the enemy. Whether your goal or defiant statement is to get healthier in general or to achieve weight loss; become more self-confident; to train for a marathon; compete in a Tough Mudder or a Spartan Race; or to become a military elite operator. Or if you want to excel and do your personal best as a High school Track and Field athlete; Football player; Gymnast or you just want to become the toughest soccer mom on the block, we will give the encouragement and tools so you can achieve and you will see your fitness dreams become a reality.

This is not a gym.

This is a TRAINING FACILITY and one with which you will develop a love/hate relationship. Who will you see at this facility? You will see men and women that are dedicated to working extremely hard and who are willing to push their own limits of athletic ability. You will hear the loud clamor of weights hitting the ground. You will hear the sound of warriors wielding steel against unforgiving herculean tires. You will hear plates clanging and loud hammers and occasionally you will hear the whisk of arrows flying through the air (Yes, we practice skills that involve accuracy here.). And while you may be able to easily observe physical changes in yourself and others over time, what you may not realize right away is that as the weights fall to the ground and the hammers hit their targets, personal excuses for mediocrity and self-doubt, and self-mitigating talk will also fall away as weapons of self-confidence, health, and camaraderie are achieved. Yes, weapons, not goals! Self confidence and good health are weapons against over indulgent egos or negative self talk. Self confidence and health are weapons against low self-esteem and they will help unshackle anyone who wishes to set themselves free! You will experience a strong sense of camaraderie through the encouragement of the CrossFit family you will become part of the Molon Labe CrossFit.

What to expect? Expect to give 100% of yourself during the workouts. I don’t have the time to waste with mediocrity or excuses. When you walk into MLCF leave your ego, issues, burdens and reservations at the door.

Furthermore, we are part of the CrossFit global community. A community that will welcome you no matter where your travels take you! CrossFit Boxes not only care about their athletes, but they care about their communities and how they can make positive changes in them.

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