Tuesday 05/26/2015 Post MURPH Workout

Two WODS to pick from based on your activity yesterday post MURPH WOD.

1. Recovery WOD

3 rounds no time
-15 KB swings @35/26
-15 AbMat sit-ups
-15 Bench press (low weight)
-15 Back squat (low weight)

Post 3 rounds then or anytime during:
Easy 800 Meter run or 1000 Meter row
2. Regular WOD last performed at MLCF on 05/30/2014

Skill: L-sits, hanging windshield wipers over the PVC pipe, AbMat sit-ups

AMRAP 10 Minutes of:
-3 Push Jerks @115/85
-3 Box jumps @24/20
-6 Push Jerks
-6 Box jumps
-9 Push Jerks
-9 Box jumps
-12 Push jerks
-12 Box jumps
Continue adding 3 until time expires.

Afterburner: Easy 800 Meter run



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